July 22, 2024

Durr For Governor

For A Better New Jersey!

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Issues & Concerns

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Property Taxes

We are one of the worst States when it comes to property taxes, which makes people no longer want to live here. I believe the system is backwards when punishing people for making their homes nicer.

Limited Government

Our Government has become too large. They seem to have their hands in everything. We must remind them that they work for the people. I would like to see a reduction in Government and the State turned back over to the people.

Tax Reform

Our taxes have been going up and making life harder. Instead of using the extra money to fix things or get us out of debt they have found more ways to waste the funds.


Our roads have been falling apart for years. We have wasted funds on everything but the roads. Taxes were increased to pay for repairs yet the money goes elsewhere.


There has been deals done without any oversight. Quid pro quo has been the standard in Trenton. Government is to help people live their lives, not a place where politicians can become rich.


We have taxed the people to the verge of death. Many have decided to move out of a State they have lived in all their lives. I feel we must reduce taxes across the board.